Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

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There are a multitude of ways local businesses can use online marketing channels to promote their products and services. The most obvious one is a business Website. In many respects, a lot of things begin with well-designed and visitor-friendly Website. Information that potential customers and clients are looking for can be placed on a business Website such as services, an about page, hours of operation, contact info, and directions to the business. A place to post specials and coupons is also something Web searches looks for.

A business Website can act as the hub for your online marketing presence. You can send Web visitors to your social media accounts such as your business Facebook page and Twitter profile page. This should also work in the opposite direction as well. Be sure to mention your business Website from within  your Facebook and Twitter accounts and feeds. Social media is now firmly entrenched in our society and smart businesses are learning how to utilize it to create and maintain relationships with prospects and existing customers.

Other online marketing channels available to local businesses are paid advertising such as pay per click (PPC), banner ads, and even paid advertising on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Another online channel that far too many business owners overlook or choose to ignore is mobile marketing. There’s no denying that the use of mobile devices such as smartphones like the iPhone and all the models of Android phones is exploding. Failure to get in front of mobile users is costing your business the opportunity to gain new customers and clients. All of these channels comprise an end-to-end online marketing strategy.

Like most things in both life and business, one size does not fit all. That’s why it’s so important to have an online marketing professional provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your business and your online marketing goals. For a free, no obligation online marketing analysis please contact us today.

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