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Getting your company Website found in the search engines is rather important if you want to drive new customers and clients into your door from the online world. And by “search engines”, we pretty much mean Google as they continue to command the lion’s share of online search traffic. Though and Yahoo! are gradually gaining some share, they still are eating Google’s dust.

If you’re still not convinced of the value of top rankings in Google then you probably haven’t been paying close enough attention to your Website traffic and where you site ranks for the most highly searched terms for your industry. When it comes to marketing, tracking and analysis are essential. Without the ability to measure the results of your efforts, then your efforts have been wasted.

There is a very good reason why businesses in highly competitive industries go to great lengths to get first page Google rankings for the most competitive search terms in their industry. In a single word, and sorry if this comes across as too blunt or crass, but it’s simply a matter of money. Business investments are made with the goal of getting back more in return than the cost of the investment – otherwise know as a positive “Return on Investment” (ROI). SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is just another investment that local businesses make with the intention of getting back more than what they pay over the term of the SEO campaign.

The infographic below contains some of the essential components of an effective SEO campaign from initial research through site building and on-going link building and promotion efforts. SEO for small business is a process that should never stop. It’s simply not enough to build a quality small business Website optimized for the search engines, add a bit of content and through a handful of backlinks at it and then call it a day. The reality is that such a Website, though perhaps gaining high rankings in Google initially will eventually lose it’s hold on those coveted top positions and sink away to the back pages of Google where only the most persistent of Web searchers dare venture.

As shown in the infographic, all good SEO campaigns begin with a good keyword research effort. At Click Trends Media, LLC we take it a few steps further and not only research the highest-traffic keywords for your industry, but also assess the competitive landscape for your local area as well as perform an end-to-end online marketing analysis for your unique business. Call or email Click Trends Media today for your own unique Online Marketing Analysis.

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